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Welcome to RESET, a hassle-free monthly membership experience. Join us on your designated session date and time to immerse yourself in a group healing session. I will be your guide, leading you through:

  • Connection

  • Breathwork

  • Meditation

  • Energy clearing, healing, and alignment
  • Chanelling for the collective

This uncomplicated membership is designed for busy women seeking a monthly energetic reset. Amidst all your commitments and responsibilities, gift yourself the invaluable present of time for YOU. Take this opportunity to turn inward, reflect on your internal world, and discern what deserves your attention.

  • It's as straightforward as that. You'll become part of a supportive community where members offer peer-to-peer support, creating a space for shared growth and healing.
  • You will receive once a month group healing session on a Thursday @ 10.00 am
  • Be part of a peer to peer support community

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